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Baby Krishna, Baby Ganesha & Baby Hanuman (Pack of 3)

Baby Krishna, Baby Ganesha & Baby Hanuman (Pack of 3)

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A beautiful fusion of divine love, wisdom, and unwavering devotion is offered by a magical trio of friends who enchant young hearts and families in the world of playful spirituality. In addition to being adorable playthings, the plush toys of Baby Krishna, Baby Ganesha, and Baby Hanuman serve as entranceways to the enchanted realm of devotion, education, and spiritual exploration.

MEANINGFUL PLAY & GIFTING IDEA - Helps children develop a bond with the power figures rather than fearing them.

SUPERSOFT & SAFE FOR AGES 1-5 - Suitable for children aged 1-5 years because of their non-toxic materials; plush texture; light-weight and bright colors.

HOW TO USE - Press toy's belly to play the mantras & see your child getting hooked with the power of music & mantras and hopefully teach them some in the process.

COGNITIVE & EMOTIONAL DEVELOPMENT - Our Early learning plush toys are designed to stimulate children's senses and cognitive development. They are also ideal for imaginative play, storytelling, and socialization, fostering creativity, language, and emotional skills.


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